We've been very busy renovating our building...

We have redesigned our quarters to assure that the Highland Park First Aid Squad can respond swiftly to all of your emergencies. We look forward to continuing to offer you the professional service you can depend on! We look forward to inviting everyone to see the finished product. 


HP First Aid Squad

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Who We Are

Squad Discount Cards are currently being sold by its members. Please Contact a member and buy one today!! Help Support our community businesses.


Blood & Bone Marrow Drive 

Tuesday August 25th we are running a Blood & Bone Marrow Drive drive in memory of Anthony Raspa. Please see Upcoming Events Page for more info! 

Welcome to the Highland Park Fist Aid Squad. We are a fully volunteer organization devoted to serving the people of Highland Park since 1949.
We provide emergency care to everyone, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, responding rapidly to provide assistance in your time of need.
We are a dedicated cadre of your neighbors ...devoted to YOU. We are a highly trained group of professionals, regularly continuing our education in an effort to assure the best care at no cost to you.
We are educators. We promote training within the community, and make every endeavor to facilitate instruction to the public. 
We believe in safety and are committed to the assistance of all those in need.